Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page we answer typical questions about lending LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) material. If your question is not there, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer your questions.

1. Before ordering

1.1 How far in advance should you order or request a rental?

  • We usually have enough materials in stock. Small quantities, eg 1-3 workshop trolleys or less than 50 window exploration bags, should be ordered at least 10 days in advance. A short-term rental is possible, if there are materials available, within 48-72 hours (Mon-Fri) for an express surcharge for shipping.
  • Larger quantities, eg 5 – 10 workshop trolleys or 50 – 150 Window Exploration Bags, should be ordered at least 3 weeks in advance. Again, if materials are available, it may be possible at short notice.
  • Very large quantities, eg 15 – 50 workshop trolleys or more than 500 Window Exploration Bags, should be discussed with us as soon as possible, especially if your event is in season (February to May and October to December).
  • Individual collections for congresses / large events (see bulk rental of LEGO® ) are usually planned and ordered 3 to 12 months in advance.

You are welcome to involve us as early as possible in your planning and (subject to quantity / period) make a non-binding reservation.

1.2 How exactly does the reservation work?

We know that reliable materials availability, even during a planning or quotation phase, is essential. Therefore you have the option to reserve. Depending on the amount and period, we will look individually whether the reservation is free of charge and without obligation. In the worst case scenario, when multiple large events collide, the existing reservation overrides an order request, but must be converted into a binding order within 48 hours. However, this case has not yet occurred and we are stocking up our inventory as demand growths.

1.3 Can I also pick up / return the material myself?

Yes, by arrangement. But our main logistics center is not in Berlin, but in 14662 Friesack, Germany (about 70 km west of Berlin, behind Nauen). Keep in mind that picking-up the materials yourself, is not cheaper than a standard parcel delivery, but a possible extra charge for express shipping would not apply.

1.4 We have a large premise, will the material be delivered directly to my office?

No. Delivery with UPS is only up to the first lockable door. This is usually the reception or your mail room. For security reasons, most companies do not allow a parcel courier to walk around on your premise. However, you know the situation at your location better than we do, please agree internally on how the shipment is to be addressed, so that it may come through your internal logistics / in-house mail to you (room number?).

1.5 Can I be sent to a hotel or conference center?

Yes. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that parcels can be accepted there. If in doubt, contact the venue to determine if it requires special addressing.

1.6 Can be sent to a private address?

Yes. However, it is also your responsibility to ensure that parcels can be accepted there. If delivery is not possible, the shipment will be delivered to a neighbor or nearby UPS Access Point, or another delivery attempt will be made the next business day. With UPS MyChoice you can influence the routing.

1.7 Our internal mail is too slow or the reception is not occupied. Can the parcel carrier call me when he is at the entrance?

No. If it is not possible to accept the shipment without prior notice, another delivery attempt would be made on the following day or it will be handed over to a neighbor / UPS Access Point. If, for whatever reason, delivery at the address is doubtful, there is no addressing, or a dispensing by the neighbor is not possible or not desired, there is another possibility: we can address the shipment to a nearest UPS Access Point where you can pick up the shipment. Find a UPS Access Point near you.

1.8 The shipment must be delivered on a precise date / time, but not earlier !!. Is that possible?

Delivery on an exact date is possible by arrangement and at additional costs for express shipping. For example, with UPS we can enable delivery on a certain day by 12:00. Unfortunately, delivery at a time slot in the afternoon, e.g. between 16:00 and 18:00 is usually not possible. Too little forwarding would violate our risk management for punctual delivery before the workshop.

1.9 We already have many Lego bricks, we only need animals and minifigures, can I borrow them individually?

Our material must not be mixed with third party materials (your materials). This could not be sorted anymore and we pay attention to a suitable quality level of our materials. Individual mixtures are possible, write us your requirements.

1.10 What is a “workshop day”? How is the rental fee calculated?

Our price model reflects the most common use case: you need the materials for one day / a one-day workshop. You will receive the materials on the working day before your event, the latest, and return it the day after. For the fee for one workshop day see our price list. The fee includes two-way shipping. There may be an additional fee for a UPS pick-up order for returns (once per rental, no matter how many workshop cases).

If you need the materials for a longer time, eg because your workshop lasts 2 days or you plan to continue your journey abroad, we will charge you several workshop days. Example: You want to receive the materials by Monday at the latest at your office in Germany, travel by plane to France on Tuesday, have a 2-day workshop on Wednesday and Thursday, travel back on Friday and return the materials on the same day to the parcel service. This adds up to 3 billable days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), even if you only use the materials for 2 days. From the 2nd day on, however, only 50% of the rental fee will be charged, even less for a long rental period. Alternatively, you could also let us deliver the materials directly to France and pick it up there. This only adds up to 2 billable days.

1.11 Do I have to pay a deposit for the loan?

No, not usually. We maintain a partnership, partly friendly, cooperation with LSP moderators and companies using LSP or Lego. For new customers, we carry out a small background check, whether the information is plausible. If in doubt, we will make a short phone call. For large quantities or a loan abroad, individual collateral may be agreed.

1.12 Can we get a formal offer before renting workshop trolleys?

Yes. We understand that many companies require a formal offer, basically or over a certain order amount, or that your purchasing department has a special order process. Just write to us and we will send you a formal offer. We only participate in tenders or complex order procedures from certain volumes – ask us. For any order received without any complex process, we are still grateful. The prices and conditions are on the website and in comparison to, for example, a car rental, the LSP rental is even easier. In any case, you can specify a separate email address for the invoice as well as your purchase order reference number in the ordering process on our website.

1.13 Can we also lend LSP Starter Kits?

No, not anymore, but we sell them. We initially offered them, but it has been found that most facilitators use the Window Exploration Bags for LSP Skillsbuilding instead. The bags are smaller, cheaper and allow an efficient Skillsbuilding. After that you can go ahead with the Identity and Landscape Kit. We sell the bags so you can give them as a souvenir to your participants.

1.14 We are planning a workshop with “X” participants, how much materials do we need?

That depends on length and challenges. Examples:

  1. Teams with up to 6 participants for less than 2 hours: Two teams can share an Identity and Landscape Kit.
  2. Teams with 6-12 participants or for more than 2 hours: One Identity and Landscape Kit per team.
  3. Workshops longer than 3 hours or with a system and connection challenge: Schedule half or full Connections Kit per team in addition to the Identity and Landscape Kit.

We only lend entire LSP kits. The Identity and Landscape Kit also includes some connectors known from the Connections Kit.

For the first time application of LSP with a team you should plan a detailed Skillsbuilding (30 – 45 minutes) with the Window Exploration Bags. For experienced groups at least 2 short challenges (about 10-15 minutes). For very experienced teams usually a 3-minute warm-up is sufficient.

For a LSP trial, you can, for example, realize a 60-minute workshop with 2 Window Exploration Bags per participant (instructions on request).

1.15 Do the workshop trolleys contain instructions for using the LSP method?

No, a “construction manual” does not exist. LSP is an interactive tool for strategy development and can be applied as an innovation and creativity technique. Usually, facilitators are trained for the method. For smaller workshops or before you plan a training, you can also learn the basic version of the method yourself with the help of various resources, see Resources & Literature.

1.16 Can we buy LSP Starter Kits or other Lego materials?

Yes, basically we can provide all kinds of Lego materials. We sell the Starter Kits in handy boxes. Please write us which materials you need and we will make an offer.

1.17 Does the workshop trolley also contain the large gray base plate?

Yes, the workshop trolley with the Identity and Landscape Kit contains the large gray base plate (48 × 48 studs, 38.4 × 38.4 cm). New kits for sale contain the original base plate from Lego. The baseplate is typically used for the shared identity.

For the rental we use an optimized base plate. The optimized base plate also has 48 x 48 studs, is gray and compatible with Lego bricks. We purchase them from another supplier, using more stable material so that they will not break easily during frequent use and during transport. The quality of original Lego material is outstanding, but with the gray base plate we have only had average experience. In addition, the base plate can be folded in the middle, similar to a game board. This reduces the pack size. And it gives you more space in the trolley case if you fill the materials unsorted after your workshop.

On request, we can provide the optimized and foldable base plate for new workshop trolley for purchase.

1.18 Can we cancel an order without a cancellation fee?

Typically not. Usually, we prepare the shipping early, create shipping labels and assemble the materials. This leads to in internal and external costs. The sooner you send us a cancellation request before a scheduled rental, the higher the likelihood that we have not prepared anything and the cancellation is free of charge. In other cases, we calculate the actual cost, which usually around 30.00 € per trolley case. If the materials have already been shipped, the full fee will apply. Cancellations are very rare, because workshops are planned early, the room will be booked and the participants invited (possibly including travel). If you are unsure about whether a workshop will take place and if you need the materials, or not, you have the possibility to reserve materials (see FAQ 1.2).

1.19 Which Lego bricks are enclosed in the trolley cases exactly?

There are unofficial lists with the inventory of the Identity and Landscape Kit and the inventory of the Connections Kit. Small variations are possible. In any case, our workshop trolleys contain the relevant parts in sufficient numbers (e.g., base plates, duplo animals, connectors, etc.).

1.20 Are the materials also suitable for Design Thinking Workshops or LEGO Scrum City?

Yes, the materials can also be used for Design Thinking (please remove plasticine and adhesive residue before returning). As part of a Scrum training, the Scrum City method with Lego materials can train the agile mindset. Our workshop trolleys contain sufficient material (see inventory at FAQ 1.19). In general, LEGO Scrum City does not require a special mix, but participants only need a sufficient amount of material.  Participants can also build Personas with the materials.

1.21 We need the materials quickly and have a DHL Express account number. Can you ship at our expense with our DHL Express account number?

If you create and send us the prepaid shipping labels with your DHL Express account number early we can ship it this way. Additional shipping costs on our site do not apply.

2. Receive the materials

2.1 When do the materials arrive?

We will ship the materials in a way that it will be delivered by UPS at the specified delivery address by the working day before your scheduled workshop day at the latest. Once your shipment is shipped, you will receive a UPS tracking link.

2.2 How are the materials (rental) packed?

The materials are contained in water / dust-proof workshops cases (including a pressure equalization valve) with castors and handles (see photos). A trolley case is put in a precisely fitting cardboard box for shipping. For further transport (eg factory premises, train, plane), you can take the trolley case out of the cardboard box. However, do not throw the box away, you will need it for return shipping. On request we will ship the materials without the trolley cases (only sorting boxes and zipper bags). For example, when you order large quantities, because handling 4 large boxes instead of 12 smaller boxes may be easier when it comes to your internal logistics.

Trolley and cardboard box are neutral and not printed with our logo. There are also no advertising flyers or similar. When shipping the EU no delivery note and no invoice are enclosed. You can, for example, send the materials directly to your customer without disclosing the costs. For international shipments the necessary customs documents, docket details and commercial invoices are enclosed. When renting, we usually ship with UPS.

2.3 How are the materials (sales) packed?

The workshop trolleys are dispatched as in the rental with a cardboard box for additional protection. The Window Exploration Bags come in their original packaging with an additional ziplock bag. For the shipping of Window Exploration Bags, we use recycled cartons for environmental and economic reasons, provided they are stable enough. When shipping within Germany and the EU no delivery note / invoice is enclosed. You can, for example, send the materials directly to your customer without disclosing the costs. For international shipments the necessary customs documents, docket details and commercial invoices are enclosed. When selling, we usually ship with DHL or Hermes (within DE) and UPS (EU / international).

2.4 What happens if the materials do not arrive on time?

We want to prevent this case with our risk management. First of all, we will send the shipment early due to empirical values ​​so that it will be delivered to the delivery address at the latest on the working day before your scheduled workshop day. If it is foreseeable that there is an extended delivery period and punctual delivery is unlikely, we can send another batch using the UPS overnight express on the working day before the workshop day. In this case, are no additional costs for you. If the materials are delivered twice, simply reject the acceptance and the materials and it will go straight back to us. In our early days, when we worked with DHL instead of UPS, this was only necessary once. With UPS, we currently use the most reliable transport solution, which from experience also works reliably, for example during the Christmas season. In the UPS shipment status, you can track the shipment and see a forecast of the planned delivery.

2.5 Can you also deliver, build and dismantle the materials for us?

Yes, as an individual solution for larger quantities. Usually at conferences / major events and individual sorting, we deliver the materials directly with our van and bring the necessary number of employees for assembly / dismantling and possibly guarding and facilitation.

2.6 The delivery address must be changed. How does this work?

If you notice shortly after your order that you need to change the delivery address, this may be possible at no extra cost. Just write us an email with the new delivery address as soon as possible and we will try to change it.

If we have already created the shipping labels, then there are other ways to customize the delivery address. Usually we ship with UPS. From your UPS MyChoice account, or once we’ve sent you the tracking numbers, you may have the option to redirect the shipment, e.g. to an UPS Access Point. Please bear in mind that UPS only confirms a diversion in the early morning of the expected delivery date. We have no influence on that. Our packages are suitable for delivery to an Access Point. But depending on the region, there may be different regulations. Redirecting to another address may only be possible within the original postal code range. Please consult UPS for this.

A redirection on the day of the planned delivery is usually not possible. If you are uncertain whether you or your company can accept a shipment, you should provide a delivery address with a nearby UPS Access Point where you can collect the materials. In case of doubt, please contact us, we will be happy to help you with the preparation.

3. During the rental

3.1 Are the materials insured?

During UPS shipping, it is insured. A slight depletion of the materials (<1% for small parts) is included. Theft or damage to the materials as long as it is in your possession is not insured by us. Maybe your business liability insurance pays for the damage. If the depletion is greater than 1% or if larger parts (eg animals, Duplo, base plates) are missing or damaged, we charge the replacement cost. Background: So far, we have not found a property insurer that would offer insurance on economic terms.

Thanks to the careful handling of our customers with the material, a claim is extremely rare and only in at small scale (<20 €). Examples: Elephant missing, turtle missing because a participant (presumably) has taken a souvenir; or due to improper filling during return shipment: Base plate kinked, sorting box squashed or broken. If it is foreseeable that a greater loss is to be expected (eg public exhibition, further transport to non-European countries), individual agreements are made to prevent a cost risk.

3.2 I order several workshop trolleys, may I mix the materials with each other?

Yes. You can mix our materials. For example, you have borrowed 3 Identity and Landscape Kits and one Connections Kit: You can mix all 4 kits as you like. When returning the materials, simply divide the materials on all 4 trolleys so that it can be sent back.

For large quantities (from 5 workshop trolleys) mixing is only allowed at additional cost (our sorting effort increases exponentially with the number of kits).

3.3 May I use the materials freely during the rental period?

Yes. What you do with the materials during the rental period is incumbent on you as long as the materials arrives unscathed and without any extraordinary contamination. We provide our materials for LSP workshops and related events for business use. If you feel that your intended purpose deviates from the standard case, talk to us about your project. A standard case would be: adults use the materials in a clean office environment without mixing it with other substances or liquids. From time to time we find a few post-its, magnets or pens in return; that’s ok. That chocolate biscuits are not the smartest choice as nerve food during building is probably plausible. Nor should pins, pins or other sharp objects be left in the materials. We sort the materials by hand.

If, for example, you are planning an outdoor use, with children and the parallel use of clay, we should talk in advance! The use of the materials in atomic, biological or chemical hazard areas is not allowed, as well as the contact with such substances, rays or viruses. And one more request: If you borrow LSP materials, but you don’t have a clue about the LSP method, please do not call your workshop “LSP workshop”. If the LSP method is used improperly, the participants will have a poor experience, the method is burned and this has an adverse effect on the LSP ecosystem. If you are unsure whether your planned workshop is LSP, this flow chart helps you to answer the question.

3.4 Can I have the materials delivered within the EU and then tranship temporarily to another country, eg to Africa?

Yes. For further transport abroad, however, you may have to comply with customs regulations. We can provide you with the corresponding information for a customs declaration. Individual inquiries with a direct shipping to non-European foreign countries may be possible, please contact us. Please make sure that the materials are returned to us on time, irrespective of the foreign assignment, and that it is received by us without any damage and without any special contamination.

4. Return of the materials

4.1 How do I return the materials (rental)?

In general, you book a UPS pick-up from us with your order. The materials will then be picked up on the weekday (Mon-Fri) after your workshop from the delivery address (or from a different address on request). It is your responsibility that the materials are ready to ship and ready to pick up in the chosen time slot. Prepaid and self-adhesive UPS labels for return are included. You put the label on the respective cardboard box (reuse box from delivery) and cover the original label with the return label. Caution: If you forget pasting the return label, UPS will still pick it up, scans the label from the delivery, the package turns another round and comes back to you. UPS follows the rule: “Deliver at all cost, we will clarify costs later”. On the one hand, this system ensures fast shipping, but in the case of incorrect labeling, also unnecessary costs apply (which we need bill you 1:1).

If you have not booked a pick-up order, please return the packages to an UPS Access Point until the working day (including Saturdays) after your event. Again, it is your responsibility that the materials are packed ready for shipment (reuse cardboard box from delivery) and the attached return label is correctly pasted.

For individual agreements, you can deliver the materials to our logistics center (14662 Friesack, Germany) or we pick it up directly (congresses / major events).

4.2 Do I have to sort the materials before sending it back?

No. The sorting and packaging for the next rental is our service. You only need to put the materials back in the workshop trolley so that it is not damaged (eg do not cram / do not squeeze). For this purpose, a small instruction is glued into the lid of each trolley case. The instructions are written in German and English.

4.3 I need the materials longer than planned or forgot to return it on time, what happens?

Depending on the quantity, this can significantly disrupt our capacity management. Therefore, for any delay that has not been agreed, the full rental fee will be payable per additional working day. Please speak to us as soon as possible; even if you write us an email at 3 am. This is better than us realizing 1-2 days later that the shipment status of the UPS return shipment does not change and that we have to start an investigation. If sufficient material is available and we fell you’ve tried to inform us asap, goodwill is possible.

4.4 I bought Window Exploration Bags, can I return them within 14 days and get my money back?

No. Our offer is aimed at business customers and independent LSP facilitators; not to consumers. If we were to apply consumer rights, we would have to transfer the additional costs to all customers. Liability for defects / subsequent performance remains unaffected.

4.5 How should we repack the materials (rental) after the workshop?

Each workshop trolley contains a small instruction in the inside of the lid:

Please make sure that the material is not stuffed (Lego can break!) And the base plates should not be kinked!

The most efficient method: Close all sorting boxes, plastic cans and zipper pouches immediately after the workshop and place in the trolley case. Fill the used materials (usually of the Shared Identity on the base plate and the Landscape) unsorted into the open spaces in the trolley case. The case is sufficiently dimensioned. There is enough space for the used materials. You do not have to stuff everything in the sorting containers. The dustproof case is also ideal for unsorted materials. At the end, put the gray base plate on top and close the lid of the case. The gray base plate is not placed, crushed or kinked, but folded and laid on. Done!

Incorrect filling of the trolley case and the resulting damage will be charged to the replacement cost.

5. Invoice and prices

5.1 How and when do we have to pay?

As soon as your shipment leaves our logistics center, you will receive our invoice as a PDF by email. If you have specified a separate invoice email address when ordering, we will send the invoice to the specified email address. You have 14 days to settle the bill by SEPA transfer. The term of payment is thus regularly after your event date and our service provision. In our opinion a fair deal. On request, a payment via credit card is possible.

5.2 Can you send us the invoice by mail (snail mail)?

On request, in addition to the online invoice, we can send you a printed invoice by mail to the specified billing address. For this we need to charge a processing fee of 3.00 € (excl. VAT) for printing, shipping and postage. Many companies have digitized their processes and optimized them so that digital invoices are preferred. With our offer, only a digital contract (online contract) is possible, so there is no obligation to send printed invoices by mail. Just let us know and we will also send you a printed invoice by mail.