Starter Box for Online Hybrid Workshops

We fight the virus. For your next online workshop with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP):
Selection of materials for an efficient video conferencing workshop. Participants receive one box each.
We are shipping the boxes directly to multiple addresses. Shipping included across the EU.

Includes: Starter Kit in a resealable container, 2 Window Exploration Bags for extended warm-up and skillsbuilding, additional base plates for personal identity and agents, as well as more minifigures, sticky notes, a pen and a zipper bag. Fast and reliable shipping with UPS.

Only 79.90 € per box (excl. VAT)
Free shipping (EU) to multiple addresses. International shipping upon request.

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Innovation is imperative during the crisis

The ongoing pandemic hinders attendance-based workshops with LSP, while innovation and problem solving are imperative during the crisis.

Solution: Online hybrid workshops with LSP and video conferencing

Adaption of face-to-face LSP to run online hybrid workshops using digital tools but with real Lego materials. This approach was recently introduced by Micael Buckle and Johan S. Roos in a webinar with 80+ LSP facilitators across the globe. Sean Blair and Jens Dröge have successfully tested a similar approach and are working on an online training.

How it works

Each participant connects to the hybrid LSP session via video conferencing such as Zoom from home. The session is led by a facilitator. Each participant needs a selection of materials during the workshop to build models, personal identities and agents. A virtual shared model and system can be created by uploading pictures of individual models and placing them in a collaborative editor such as Google Docs.

LeanSP would like to make it as easy as possible for facilitators to provide each participant with the proper materials. Just supply the addresses of your participants when placing an order and we send each of them a Starter Box quick and reliable.

LeanSP offers individual fulfillment solutions for training providers. You select the materials and we ship them to your participants. Use our international shipping expertise so that you can focus on your workshop. We take care of materials and logistics: Get in touch

Online-Trainings for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

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