Buy LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshop Trolleys

LEGO® sells the kits only in a thin carton and due to the production in more or less logically meaningfully assembled plastic bags. The initial sorting can take more than 2 hours. For storage and transport you need additional sorting trays and a workshop case.

At LeanSP, commercial customers can order pre-sorted moderation cases and are immediately ready for facilitation.

Contents: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Identity and Landscape Set (Item No. 2000430) with 2,631 pieces.
Weatherproof, dust-proof workshop case with wheels and handle (trolley case).
3 closable sorting boxes with matching divider.
3 transparent sorting boxes.
4 zip bags.
Incl. shipping within the EU.

Only 1,049.00 € per workshop trolley (excl. VAT)
Free shipping

Free gift: 5 Window Exploration Bags with ziplock (value: 24.50 €)


Pssst: You can also rent the pre-sorted LSP boxes.