Small City, Big Vision

Autonomous tractors, basic income, IoT, carpooling, air taxi, renewable energy, home office, theme park, total network coverage, city app, high-speed rail, maximum quality of life…

These we some of the ideas from citizens of a small city named Friesack, in Brandenburg, Germany. In cooperation with Innovation Hub Havelland we sponsored their LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® demo workshop. Additional details can be found at (German).

About iHVL
Innovation Hub Havelland (iHVL) connects experts and newcomers about startups and technology. Participants exchange knowledge and teach modern methods. Innovation and startups are to be promoted in Havelland region in Brandenburg, Germany. iHVL is located in the heart of the region, in the city of Friesack, about 45 minutes from Berlin. The initiative currently consists of six active members. The main topics are Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play, Blockchain and Internet of Things.

About Friesack
The small city of Friesack is centrally located in the district of Havelland, about 50 km west of Berlin, in the state of Brandenburg on the B5 and the RE2, Germany. In the city live about 2,500 inhabitants and together with the surrounding villages, the area comes to a population of about 6,500 people (as of 2017). Just under a quarter of the population is older than 65 years. The local economy is characterized by local crafts, agriculture, services and shops. While many Friesacker daily commute to work in Nauen or Berlin, OSZ Havelland draws hundreds of students and apprentices from large parts of the district to the city every day. The city is located, each about 30 km away, spatially isolated between Nauen, Rathenow and Kyritz. The local infrastructure is above average with shopping, doctors, entertainment and dining outlets. There is a clear need to catch up with internet speeds and mobile phone coverage.

Posted by: Christoph Köpernick

Founder of leanSP